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Imagine quickly building up a list of hundreds – even thousands – of article directories to submit to. Imagine, just for a moment, spinning an article, then submitting to each one, knowing your article is completely unique. Imagine being able to build up hundreds of legitimate back links, all pointing to your web site.
What’s that going to do for your ranking? BUT IT WILL TAKE YOU A BIT OF WORK TO SET UP EACH ARTICLE READY FOR ADSPINNER TO DO ITS MAGIC. You’ll have to be able to write your article, then one or two or more (how many is up to you) articles, each with the same number of paragraphs, with the sense of each paragraph in every version being roughly the same.
Then you’ll have to write 10 or 20 different titles, resource boxes, keyword groups, too, in order for ADSpinner to ‘spin’ them successfully. BUT ONCE DONE, YOU’LL BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A UNIQUE ARTICLE TO HUNDREDS AND EVEN THOUSANDS OF DIRECTORIES!
ADSpinner is a small and easy to use article spinning application.


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Get complete control over your WordPress-powered website with ADSpinner Product Key.
Powerful: With ADSpinner Product Key you can spin any number of article files. You can even spin an entire website for your offline use.
Simple: Create the new content by copying content from the articles you want to spin. Set the number of paragraphs, headers and footers.
Select article: You can choose any article from any website, just copy the HTML and paste it in the panel where you’ll be entering your HTML.
Which text do you want to transform into new content? Simply highlight it with your mouse and press enter. The highlighted text will be replaced with the new content.
Use HTML or Markdown (with custom Markdown formatting) – If you copy a HTML fragment it will retain your formatting. If you copy a Markdown fragment it will convert it to HTML.
Export the content as a CSV: In the CSV panel you can customize the columns and rows – they can be sorted, if you want.
ADSpinner customers feedback:
I am a webmaster from Poland. My site is about cars. I try to write in English. The idea of the site is to explain other people how to buy new or used cars. About the why I need the link I was not sure about. But after the purchase I would not be able to do without you. Every time I tried to write something new, there came a new question, what is more important, when should I put the link, what word will be more important, so that Google will show it first to the users? After reading your post, I realized, that you are very helpful guy. I could buy the most efficient but expensive software, but I am sure that you will give me a better and cheaper way! Kudos! 🙂
Jimbo, SEO Consultant and Owner of, digital marketing agency based in the Czech Republic.
Jimbo, SEO Consultant and Owner of, digital marketing agency based in the Czech Republic.
Hi David,
Thank you for a very helpful article.
I have an issue with ‘ADSpinner’ software though.
The auto spin option doesn’t spin for some types of content, such as for example videos.
So, when I select some text to spin it, it does create a new spin but, due to the video content, it doesn’t expand and the title is not formatted properly at all.
I have tried

ADSpinner Crack + Activation Code Download [Updated] 2022

ADSpinner Product Key is an effective article spinning solution to duplicate articles from the internet into a single Article that is SEO-friendly and optimized for search engine rankings. You’ll be able to quickly spin an article using a few easy steps.

Ugh… that was a rather random thought that has been crossing my mind, too. However, I’d still choose to go with Posh Press, because it’s much cheaper (at least for the month or so I’m using it), and it looks like you can use it to publish books. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s user friendly to the average user at all, so I’m not sure how well it could be used for a blogging site.
For example, if you wanted to create a post about how much your spouse or significant other loves you, then go do that, simply format it with a healthy amount of content and and be done with it.

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By signing up with us, you’ll be part of the team of people on the other side of our paid marketers. By being a part of the team, you’ll be able to offer free articles and other content to our customers. When someone uses our free content, you’ll earn a small amount through affiliate marketing.

ADSpinner Crack + Free

ADSpinner is a small, easy to use tool. It has the ability to spin any article into any number of other formats. It can generate a number of different formats. These formats are, in fact, the standard formats of article submission on nearly any website. By creating a large number of the different versions, you can submit the same article to many different websites for backlinking. The amount of submission is completely up to you. When you have chosen to spin an article, you may then submit it to the form of the website you want.
ADSpinner Features:
– Accepts any language as long as you know some HTML. You don’t need any special knowledge to be able to use this tool.
– Puts down unordered lists automatically.
– Puts down formatted paragraphs automatically.
– Allows you to control the number of versions of the article. You can simply add more versions as you spin more articles.
– The different versions are easily identified by number.
– The different versions have unique titles. When you select a version to create, you have the option to create multiple versions, with each one having different titles. This is especially useful when you are creating several versions of a single article for different sites with different titles.
– You can select the maximum number of paragraphs to use in a version. This makes it easy to control how many paragraphs get into each version.
– You can easily select formatting to include in the new version. This includes, but is not limited to, font size, font color, and paragraphs.
– You can select a specific keyword to be used in the new version.
– You can use the tool to create any number of versions.
– You can easily upload an article to ADSpinner and have it generate different versions.
– You can customize the toolbar for ADSpinner.
– ADSpinner is easy to install. Simply go to the form of the website you want to submit to, log in, and then copy and paste the form information into ADSpinner.
– There are two different versions of ADSpinner available. The first is the free version. This version limits you to 1000 submissions per day. The second version is the paid version. This version limits you to 100,000 submissions per day.
– There is a demo available of the free version. You can use the demo to spin a small number of articles for 10 minutes. You can then click the ‘add to cart’ button to purchase

What’s New In?

ADSpinner is a small and easy-to-use article spinning software and web service which generates unique content to make money from on autopilot with virtually no effort.
How does ADSpinner work?
ADSpinner is the fastest way of creating high quality spun articles and content. When you enter the unique text into ADSpinner, it will spin the text into completely unique article.
It uses the most advanced natural language processing and rephrasing engine, “The Best Spinner”. It is the only device that can magically rewrite human-quality content into unique spun content in just a few seconds!
ADSpinner provides you best quality spun articles in several different versions:
Random Article Rewriting
Human quality rewritten article that is fully optimized for the search engine!
Visual Article Rewriting
Full-page rewritten articles that looks more like a real human-written content.
Sponsored Article
Human-written article that has been rewritten to look more appealing, and have a higher CTR.
Try the free version first!
If you like the results you see in the demo you can click the “Start My Free Trial” button to spin 100+ articles and see the result in your web browser – absolutely free of charge!
You don’t have to subscribe to us, you can always choose to see the article as the source is a public content.
What can you do with spun articles?
You can use spun articles in any website to improve user experience, increase the search engine rankings, attract customers, enrich content, build trust, boost your reputation and much more.
Using spun articles is a great way to promote any product or service. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
How to use ADSpinner?
Try it out today! It’s totally FREE!
ADSpinner – The easy to use Spinner and Rewriter Tool that can rewrite your content without changing the meaning of your articles.
You need to keep in mind that not only you should write the best content you can possibly write, but you should also use a rewriter like ADSpinner to automatically rewrite your content with the goal of having both the human readers and search engines like Google perceiving your content as unique. On the other hand, Google can’t detect properly the originality of the content you are writing. So it will be better for your search engine rankings if you are using a paraphrasing tool to rewrite content.
ADSpinner Rewriter is the best

System Requirements:

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