Dexrex IM Backup Crack With Product Key Free

Dexrex IM Backup will help you archive your IMs and SMS text messages. It is secure and simple. Backup numbers, links, dates, names, and more – all in one place.







Dexrex IM Backup Crack

Backup, View, and Sync all your IM conversations and SMS messages
Dexrex IM Backup, powered by Dexrex Mobile Backup, is the only tool that lets you backup and archive all your IM and SMS conversations in one place. You can also Sync your IM conversations with your web server in the background.

Save on SMS text messages and non-voice IM data
Dexrex IM Backup lets you backup your SMS text messages and non-voice IM conversations. Saving you time and data storage costs.

Dexrex IM Backup is available for Android tablets and smartphones!
Dexrex IM Backup is free to use and only requires Android 2.1 and up to use.

Why choose Dexrex IM Backup over SMS2Backup:
SMS2Backup has been discontinued.
SMS2Backup is no longer available for Android tablets or smartphones.
SMS2Backup was a proprietary tool which means they have limited access to your data.
SMS2Backup had to be purchased annually.
Dexrex IM Backup is free to use.

What are the permissions that Dexrex IM Backup requires to run?
Dexrex IM Backup requires permission to read and write to the following directories:

All IMs and SMS conversations stored within Dexrex IM Backup is stored within your app’s data directory. Therefore Dexrex IM Backup must have permission to read and write to your app’s data directory.
Dexrex IM Backup requires permission to access your calendar, contact list, and call logs.

Backup, View, and Sync IM conversations
You can backup IM conversations on both tablets and smartphones.

Sync IM Conversations with a web server
You can Sync your IM conversations with your web server in the background.
You can schedule a backup of IM conversations to take place at a specific time and/or date.
You can view the progress of your backup.

Dexrex IM Backup for Android is secure and simple to use.
Dexrex IM Backup is easy to use and does not require special expertise to use.

Whether you are backing up your Android phone or tablet, or your desktop computer.

Clicking “Backup” button will start the backup process.

Dexrex IM Backup will:
* backup and archive all of your phone numbers and links (clicking on the android – Open in Dexrex IM Backup – backup my numbers button)
* backup and archive all of your SMS text messages
* backup and archive

Dexrex IM Backup Crack +

* Back up IMs to the cloud and to the phone
* Store all IMs and messages
* Password protect your archive
* One tap restore
KEYMACRO for Android OS:
* Easy to setup and use
* Back up IMs, SMS messages, Email messages and many other media
Keymacro ios for iPhone and iPad:
* Easy to setup and use
* Back up IMs, SMS messages, Email messages and many other media
-Select all contacts you want to backup.
-Save to cloud or on your device, its up to you.
-With several languages supported.
-Easy to restore any messages
-Backup original time and date, self-edit
-Find who you are trying to contact
-Password protection to keep your important information safe
-Add/Remove contacts and numbers
-Clear all history and backup history
-Change the date format
-Convert your phone numbers to E164
-Share an archive to your friends, family or colleagues
-One tap restore to your phone
-Customize the folder structure
-Read messages and view your contacts right on the screen
-Auto-delete after the time you set, or on a scheduled basis
-Backup original time and date, self-edit
-Free upgrade to version 2.0 available
-30 days money back guarantee.
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Our platform is powered by two flagship products, Everby for Content, the only professional, cloud-based platform for archiving content across multiple channels, and Everby Connections, the social business solution for business communications.
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Dexrex IM Backup Crack+ For PC

* Find every conversation, name, number, message and date.
* Save any contact, nickname, photo, address, URL, date and number.
* Save your text messages in MBOX format (for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry).
* No SMS messages. No contact history. No contacts.
* Text messages are safe! Yours are always archived.
* Your data and settings are backed up on your local computer as a ZIP archive.
If you are looking to backup your IMs, SMS, and contacts, Dexrex IM Backup is your one-stop solution.
Use it to backup your contacts, SMS, messages, and photos to a ZIP archive. It also makes it easy to backup other files from your PC, and you can restore your contacts, SMS messages, and photos at any time.
Try it for free!
If you are looking for the best way to backup your SMS, Contacts, Calendars, Photos and any other files on your phone, then Dexrex IM Backup is the right app for you.
Use it to backup your contacts, SMS, messages and photos to a ZIP archive. You can also choose which contacts to back up, and which contacts to send in the form of a personalized SMS message.
Dexrex IM Backup Usage:
– Backup contacts, SMS, and texts (including MMS)
– Send SMS or MMS with your contacts information
– Schedule backup from your PC
– Schedule backup from your phone
– Export contacts in CSV format
– Import contacts in CSV format
– Export photos in JPEG, PNG, and BMP format
– Import photos in JPEG, PNG, and BMP format
– Backup other files such as Calendar, settings, files, and more
– Backup settings
– Backup contacts
– Backup sms and messages
– Backup contacts photos and other files
– Backup calendars
– Backup contacts calendar
– Backup all contacts
– Backup all contacts to the current date
– Backup all contacts to a date in the past
– Backup all contacts to a date in the future
– Backup all contacts to a specific date
– Backup all contacts to a specific date in the past
– Backup all contacts to a specific date in the future
– Backup all contacts to a specific date
– Backup all contacts to a specific date in the past
– Backup all contacts to a specific date in the future
– Backup all contacts to a specific date
– Backup all contacts to a specific date in

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