Manual Do Receptor Fresat Sre 3000 Plus !!TOP!!

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Manual Do Receptor Fresat Sre 3000 Plus


Manual Do Receptor Fresat Sre 3000 Plus by lbxvvgh from Tiffany Ford.
Do Revers is the enhanced and extended pressing mode of the Super-Sculpt range. It is also effective for bonding softforming foam, which outperforms most Supernova adhesives in terms of performance. Flexographic printing, UV varnishes, glue layer thickness not less than 3 mm.
RedOne Super Sculpt is an ultra-compact adhesive injection dispenser with capacities from 6.4 kg/h to 10.0 kg/h. Does not require mixing glue. It can be used for gluing foam rubber sheet with a thickness of 1.5-1.7 mm. The minimum thickness of the glued foam material is 3.7-4.0 mm. The maximum productivity is 50 kg/s.
The LBX Vibe is an adhesive dosing hopper designed to provide maximum press performance with minimum performance requirements. Distinctive features: extrusion compactor, creation of a continuous line, the ability to adjust the supply of glue during the gluing process without interrupting the print.
Hot Box is a seamless SD-CRF/SD-M-CLF/M-FLCA automatic dispenser for gluing foam products. Ability to work with foam rubber with a thickness of 6 to 14 mm. Possibility to use air for better lamination of foam products, high pressure glue spraying with high rotation speed.
lcxrgfnf’s Supernovax thermal adhesives are designed to meet the needs of professionals to work with the most advanced, highly elastic and rigid materials.
Depending on the technology, these can be various professional heat presses, including a glue heat press from lgbxrglgh, with a capacity of more than 100 kg/min.
Plywood molds are very popular, because using them it is possible to organize the production of a wide variety of products: from food products to furniture or HoReCa objects.
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