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Amplitube is an extremely complex audio modelling software that contains an impressive amount of effects and simulations aimed at providing state-of-the-art accuracy in the making of guitar and bass tones.
The product has been on the market for some time, but has never failed to comply with user needs thanks to the patented technologies that have been improved over time to enhance the audio production process inside homes and even studios.
Much like any other respectable audio modeler, Amplitube relies on a sophisticated architecture that allows it to be installed in the form of a standalone application, as well as a VST, AAX or RTAS plugin. Both approaches provide a high level of usability reflected in a professional and appealing environment that is a treat to look at and experiment with.
Amplitube can be a game changer for live performances, due to its fast preset switching that allows you to shift the sound to a new direction seamlessly. Used as a plugin, it can provide a vast array of effects oriented towards vintage and modern sounds, able to work with synthesizers and instruments, just as well.
Provided that you connected an instrument such as a guitar or bass to the computer, Amplitube can work as a tone machine, providing out-of-the-box configurations for both live and studio performances with the possibility to enable stereo mode.
With the aid of the preset browser, you will be able to store an unlimited number of customized audio patterns, which can be restored into the application at any time. Moreover, the XChange service allows you to share presets with other users of the Amplitube community.
Bottom line, Amplitube is a versatile audio processor that can be used both as a plugin and as a standalone program. The advantage of the latter is the built-in recorder that can capture performances for later use.









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Capture, process, simulate and create sounds for all professional musicians.
Take your own guitar parts and make them sound different with a variety of effect plugins and effects.Record your guitar (guitar amp, stomp box, guitar processor) and use the internal DAW to process it the way you like with over 200 effect plugins and two AU/VST plugins.
The Amplitube Product Key software comes with hundreds of presets for guitar, bass, synthesizers and drum samples. Lots of them have been created and tweaked in Amplitube, so you can get started right away. Create your own presets, import and edit the files and you are ready to go.
Try Amplitube and see for yourself. Experience two completely different ways to create sounds.
Ready? Amplitube is yours to use, just download and get started!


This course has been designed and developed by Mark Manley exclusively for students of the Series Level Production School.
It is the culmination of over ten years of experience in the music industry working as an engineer and producer alongside some of the worlds biggest record labels.

In this course we look at the process of how you would achieve a certain level of sound as a live sound engineer, and how you can achieve a similar sound in the studio.

Many of the aspects of the course include:

Mark laying down my basics of audio engineering, the tools of the trade, and what to and what not to do as an engineer

How to work on various recording formats and mixing for a whole range of situations from live performance, TV and radio to Music and Film

How to take a budget and produce a sound in the studio, including the use of processing and effects

How to work with different microphones and different type of equipment that you are likely to find in a live situation, including the type of mic you will need to use for different instruments, vocals and the room

How to work to the right power conditioners, power distribution and recording console, considering the studio space in the room

How to record and mix with various music genres, getting the best out of your gear and making a good mix

Mark will explain all these things to you in a warm, down to earth manner that will ensure that you have a firm grasp of how to get the best out of your studio time.

What you will learn from this course is

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The Amplitube applications allow you to both record and playback any sound you play into the computer, including samples, audio files, whatever.
The application can also be integrated with a soundcard or MIDI interface, allowing you to record any instrument through its soundcard input, bypassing the computer in case you don’t have any.
This is how you play and record audio, using Amplitube 2.5 audio recorder.
In real time:
+listen in real time to what you’re recording, to check any minute detail of the sound.
+adjust the playback volume level in real time, in order to make sure that the player doesn’t have to work too hard to hear what you’re playing.
+simply highlight a recording in the left panel, then push the record button to record the sound. The application will automatically start saving the sound in real time.
+record as many sounds as you wish at the same time, without adding an additional layer to the processor.
Once in your library:
+add sounds to the recording in order to preserve it in your library.
+use the Amplitube 2.5 recorder as a player with the ability to playback audio files in a variety of formats, like MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and more.
+record a sound in the timeline, change the position of each one of its lines and then re-export it at will.
Amplitube Features:
B.FLAC MP3 WMA WAV and AIFF support:
+record your sounds in real-time to MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF and FLAC.
+record one sound or multiple sounds simultaneously in real time.
+record sounds one at a time, using the timeline window in a multi-track mode.
+record in the same timeline a sequence of successive sounds, or a single sound of a multiplexed audio file.
+record sounds in real time, you will hear the difference.
Sonic Arts AUDIOFORMAT support:
+record your sounds in real-time to MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF, FLAC and AUDIOFORMAT.
+record one sound or multiple sounds simultaneously in real time.
+record sounds one at a time, using the timeline window in a multi-track mode.
+record sounds in real time, you will hear the difference.
+record sounds

Amplitube Crack [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Amplitube is a plugin application that contains a complete set of high-quality vintage and modern audio effects, providing a large variety of sounds and features. With a fast and intuitive interface, you will be able to apply the effects in the most user-friendly way, in order to create sounds that are both inspiring and attractive for every user.
The application provides a number of presets that can be stored in the presets browser.
Amplitube features:
– 19 BASS presets
– 19 GUITAR presets
– 8 DUET PRESETS (2 Bass, 2 Guitar, 2 Vocals)
– Microphonization
– Spacialization
– Filters
– EQs
– Effects
– a flexible control
The uncompressed VST, Audio Unit and AAX Plug-in versions are included with full source code and documentation that will allow you to take advantage of all the plugin’s features and flexibility.
Amplitube Features:
– 8 DUET PRESETS (2 Bass, 2 Guitar, 2 Vocals)
– Microphonization
– Spacialization
– Filters
– EQs
– Effects
– a flexible control
– Tone portamento
– Noise portamento
– Filter portamento
– Recorder for individual tracks and overdubs
– Various mix formats
Amplitube supports all the following VST, AAX, AU and RTAS formats:
Amplitube is a multi-functional tool that provides real-time direct access to various effects. Its unique design allows you to apply both delay and reverb effects on guitars, bass and vocals. This is accomplished thanks to the use of multiple tracks that you can mix down for an individual track, as well as for the entire project.
After generating a backing track with any instrument, you can apply delay to the various tracks, without affecting the original signal. Next, you can apply reverb to the tracks, which will now emit audio.
Amplitube features:
– Delay and reverb effects (modelled from analog devices)
– Customizable arpeggiator
– Built-in recorder
– a flexible control
– Auto Mix down
Amplitube lets you apply different effects to the music created by using the autoloading feature. Its built

What’s New in the?

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You can edit the audio, set the number of tracks, and adjust the volume of each track. You can create, edit, and mix audio using these tools for editing, mixing, and effects, and you can do

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP2
CPU: 1.6Ghz
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800/AMD ATI® Radeon HD 2600
Driver: OpenGL
CPU: 2Ghz
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560
NVIDIA® GeForceجرائم/

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