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FREMONT – It’s no secret that the cost of living is on the rise in Fremont. In order to keep up with the high costs, people are looking for savings on their monthly payment plan.

Recreation manager for Pleasant Hill Recreational Center, Dane Fuquay, said staff make plans for future growth by keeping an eye on the economy. “We work really hard to make sure we’re always offering our customers a great membership price.”

Membership fees are generally calculated at 3 percent of an individual’s gross income. This year, Pleasant Hill Recreation Center is accepting the first year as a “drawback” for either members or non-members.

To qualify for this “drawback” non-members must sign up for a membership for six months and then sign up again for another six months, or they must maintain their membership for two years.

“It’s a good way for us to grow,” Fuquay said.

While Fuquay said the thought of losing a monthly fee may have crossed customers’ minds, he said it’s good for the community. “It helps spread our money around,” he said.

Buying a new apartment? Fuquay said it can be difficult to determine what a new apartment fee should be. “We like to be the cheapest,” he said.

Buying a house? Fuquay said it’s also a common question for Pleasant Hill Recreation Center. “We have a bunch of (homeowners) meeting once a month and they help each other calculate what home fees are,” he said.

Fremont resident Kari Klaas was a member at Pleasant Hill Recreation Center’s boys hockey team. Klaas said the center’s

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how to update $routeParams

im using ui-router and i have the following code
module.controller(‘CategoryController’, [
function ($scope, $state, $http, $q, $rootScope, $location, platformService) {

$ = {};
$scope.category = {};
$ = {
courses: []
$scope.form = {}

if (platformService.checkUser()) {
$scope.auth = true;
$scope.form.platform = ‘default’;

//Attempting to update the parameters passed when calling the controller function.
$scope.$parent.catName = $scope.$parent.selectedCat;
$scope.$parent.catDescription = $scope.$parent.selectedCategory;
$scope.getCategoryId = function () {
return $rootScope.selectedCat || $;


so when the code reaches $scope.$parent.catName = $scope.$parent.selectedCat;
it then executes this
name: ‘update’,
url: ‘updateCategory’,
params: {
id: $rootScope.selectedCat || $,
platform: $rootScope.selectedPlatform || $statePar

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