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E-waste is a growing problem that is often underestimated. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the United Nations, global e-waste production is on the rise. The study also indicated that the amount of e-waste that is produced each year is 1.3 million tons.

While the prevalence of e-waste is rising, so is the number of discarded e-waste items. For example, a recent survey by the United States Environmental Protection Agency found that only 9% of schools had a specific e-waste plan in place to manage e-waste, which showed how little education was being targeted to the issue.







but can you bring Lightroom to the iPad? Nor can you view it on an Apple TV. The good news is that you can view Lightroom’s on your iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV, but not on your iPad. The upgrade to Cloud Documents worked great for me as a first-time user – good workflow that in general I feel works well. The User Experience is not as polished as on the Mac. And Internet Explorer pops up when it wants to, with no option to suppress a visit. So, Adobe has hindered my efforts to eliminate ad-supported browsers. Apple’s Safari is selected over Internet Explorer, which may be appealing for some people, but it doesn’t exactly promote the development of an honest Internet. I hope you can win this browser war. As for the online editing, I am happy to report that while the experience is not as good -– and if I understood the beta carefully, it might not be as likeable to new users -– it works fine for me today. Since I use Photoshop for my work, I actually prefer this version over the Mac experience. The new features seem to make more sense and are more efficient with the computer resources I have access to. Previously, for those of us who do not have access to a real GPU in order to speed up the image editing software, we had to optimize our computers to make Lightroom more efficient. This is now no longer true, and I like that. That said, the Edit and Export changes are not going to make everyone happy. For those of us who like to work in a more traditional manner, the Edit and Export options do not have a traditional look. But as on the Mac, users can keep everything set to how most prefer to work. That approach will work in the long run. I hope that we, as a community – that is, photographers who use the software and those who create and use it – can work together to make the new interface and features better. And it would probably go a long way in making the software more attractive to Apple devices, Safari and IE users.
Regards! Sren

Join the thousands who have gotten Plugins for Photoshop CS6 as part of their subscription. In addition to the plug ins we’ve provide, you’ll also have access to the Adobe DIY app, which includes Photoshop features. Get access to it when you sign up, plus more flexibility in your subscription.

Adobe also offers tutorials and videos on their site that will get you up and running on Photoshop. All you have to do is sign up for a free membership in order to view those videos and tutorials.

With Elements, you can experiment even more and do more with your pictures. It even comes with a camera that supports RAW (non-JPEG) file types, as well as a RAW viewer for post production manipulation. If you want to learn more about Elements, check out our Elements tutorial .

While we don’t play videos in the blog, it’s worth having a look at this if you’re going to be importing video. Our interactive elements will help illustrate how to lay out your design by using all the available editing tools and buttons, and they’ll work great as an introduction to Photoshop.

The whole process of answering this question can be quite a lengthy one. If you want to find out more about what you can do, you’ll need to look for other resources. Luckily for you, we’ve included a list of some of the best sites out there in our Other Notable Sites .

If you can’t see the plug in at the top of this page, you’ll need to sign up for a Photoshop subscription. These tutorials are free for subscription subscribers, but if you want access to them, you’ll need to upgrade. To upgrade, one interesting option would be pay online for your digital media subscription .


Photoshop CS6 is the most updated version released by Adobe and has so many features that users love it. It includes Edge Guide allowing users to organize and edit images online as well as Adobe Typekit, which helps users to design and optimize identity templates using type fonts. The tools for web creation and mobile development are also included in the new version. Photoshop CS6 also includes new versions of the 2D and 3D editing modes such as Painting, 3D, Make, Sketch, and Trace. These are the best features that caught the eye of the users and made it one of the best graphics editing software. Some of the other features are:

New Layer Locking: Previously, users had to lock or unlock layer groups to display or hide information on layers. The new set of tools allow you to show or hide layer groups, groups of layers or individual layers. One can later lock/unlock individual layers.

Channel Mixer (Flattening): The new flattening tool is temporarily inactive while resizing a layer and provides a preview so that users can clearly understand what is going on with layers and provide feedback.

Adobe Photoshop is an industry-leading tool that has the power of 3D imaging with the efficiency of 2D editing. You can use the 3D tools to perform tasks such as retouching or applying different effects on 3D models. Photoshop is a 3-D application, which means you can view both sides of an image, rotate it and zoom in on different parts.

Activate/Deactivate and Lock/Unlock Objects: You can now disable or enable a layer or individual objects and lock or unlock objects. It is easy and efficient for you to do tasks with the help of Photoshop.

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Often, we end up getting the hot or cold emotional response when browsing the stock photos in the software. However, the best and most advanced tool can simplify all the radiance, and there are other tools like Adjustment, Eraser, and Filters to help designers craft the perfect image.

There are many ways to improve your portrait’s balance. Using stylish Editing tools like crop, blur, text, and magic wand can bring life to your portrait. These tools can be used in two ways: select and crop, or use a selection tool to select and erase unwanted parts of your picture. If you want to make a text look different: you can choose from three different fonts that you can use in your design. You can also include more colors in your picture.

In addition to the brushing tools, there are also many ways to blur the image or alter the color of it. You should also know the separator brush so you will have a smoother changing in the editing of colors. Furthermore, there are many ways to improve the contrast and the light between the picture and the background.

There are a lot of features that made Photoshop very essential for changing your picture and bringing it into a new world. These are the many features of Adobe Photoshop that set it apart from other graphic designing applications.

Adobe Photoshop free and commercial are always ready for your touch to make stunning graphics for your business and much more. Using visual effects like rotating, transforming, skewing, cropping and scaling, you can create all sorts of impressive projects. There are many visual effects tools like liquify, spotlight, blur, & diamond effect that would open a whole new world of dynamics.

Image Search is a new tool that has been added to Google. According to Google, it is using its new image search technology to give users better results. It allows users to search for different types of images such as logos, food, and pets.

Another exciting advance is in the way that brushes adjust directly on the raw layer. This grounds them in the layer, so they don’t change on an image layer or a Smart Object layer without affecting the underlying layer. The new option, Relative, lets you create a filter that updates a brush automatically, so they scale the layer.

“My team at Adobe is obsessed with helping creative professionals collaborate more efficiently in the digital age. We just announced at Adobe MAX the formation of the Photoshop and Design Group to deliver new features that empower photographers, designers, developers and content creators to harness the full potential of the creative content they produce,” said Gordon Massie, vice president and general manager, Photoshop & Design Group at Adobe. “These powerful new features in Photoshop are driven by design principles that prioritize workflow, collaboration, ease-of-use and performance. Our vision is that the Photoshop team will collaborate more closely with designers and developers as they continue to bring new ways to work and create content.”

Adobe will continue to evolve the Photoshop experience with a series of new features that will enable users to work more efficiently, and more importantly, to create and deliver work much faster. These features will continue to illustrate how the tools and expertise of the Photoshop team can help users maximize the potential of images and deliver results that are only limited by their imagination.

Take advantage of the powerful selection tools with the ability to quickly select an object and toggle on and off your makeup or present your work with the sleek, collaborative editing experience of the web. Most importantly, there is no expiration period or fees for Adobe Photoshop Elements subscription plans.

When you use the Clone Stitching tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can stitch together multiple photos into one seamless image. You can also work with different filters and adjustments in Photoshop Elements to create the desired effects. From there, you can send the stitched image to print, email, and online services, and then post it on the web.

Today’s Photoshop update will be an important step for the future of 3D in Adobe products, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and evolve the experience. With this release, we also look forward to exciting new 3D and 2D development tools coming to the Creative Cloud in the near future.

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor for digital imaging enthusiasts, professional photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers. This version also supports the following:

  • Masks

  • Clone and Merge Commands

  • Adjustments and filters

  • Layer masks

  • Layer styles

  • Smart Objects

  • Multiple windows

  • Multi-monitor support

Adobe Photoshop Elements allows you to create beautiful looking collages. You can import photos or photos and video, edit each image separately, combine them into one and with multiple styles, then output the beauty of them to your desired applications in order to share or save them.

The new Photoshop includes a new Quick Fix panel with instant access to blur, vignette, distort, unsharp masking, and more. You can also quickly and easily sharpen your image using the Snip Tool. The Keep Styled Layers panel lets you apply the software’s style presets or download what are called “symmetry patterns” to create cool effects by simply dragging and dropping them. The panel also comes with tools to help you effortlessly create new designs. One of the better additions Preview Brushes provides users the ability to quickly and easily create workflows for new photography and illustration projects.

In addition, Photoshop released updated support for Adobe Creative Cloud to allow CC users to work with multiple clients simultaneously. This additional layer of software updates allow PS users to seamlessly switch between multiple connected apps, whether using a MacBook or Windows device, and share work in real time.

With the average consumer owning a digital camera, the potential for producing a number of digital photographs could be huge. To help extract the best out of this industry, ePub4U is very excited to announce the release of ePub4U 4.1, which will be released today. This release will allow ePub4U to collaborate with the owner of the ebook format, the Open eBooks Consortium, to allow ePub4U to change and evolve the ePub format in a safe and open manner, and therefore continue to supply the best content for the ePub format.

First and foremost, ePub4U 4.1 will offer native ePub support for Windows and Mac. To make this possible, ePub4U 4.1 has given native development its priority and has ceased all support for extension development. All future developments will also be built on native support.

The Pen Tool can make freeform selections that are automatically seamed and have no join lines. The selection can grow to fit the content of the area and can also be used to make a contour selection.

You can work on multiple selection sets with the new Multiple Selection feature. Each selection is separate and can have different properties. And you can combine multiple selections in groups. For instance, you could create a selection around the water in a photo and an object on the other side of the image. Then you could group these selections so that each one focused on one image.

After you make a selection using the Lasso tool, you can use the Adjustment Brush tool to quickly make photo-editing adjustments, such as modifying the lightening or local contrast of an object or a group of objects.

Photoshop has a powerful selection tool — the Quick Mask tool. The tool lets you select multiple layers or objects and apply a quick mask. And then refine the mask using the Adjustment Brush tool.

You can use the Liquify filter to change the appearance of an object through the use of transformations, which include the operations Distort, Sharpen, Twist, Flip, Shear, and Wiggle. You can also reduce the size, texture, color, or brightness of an object.

Powerful layer techniques make it easier to work on complex projects. Photoshop layers let you divide and combine objects without an undo. And you can move, resize, or manipulate individual objects on a layer. And with a few clicks, you can link layers together so that they move and adjust together.

The new Edit in Photoshop feature enables Photoshop users to easily see what an image looks like in a web browser without leaving their desktop. Full-page previews of Web-based editing tools let users experience and test the features they see in a browser without ever having to leave their documents.

The latest Photoshop releases, including purchase after purchase (POP), give users a powerful set of tools for more inventive and streamlined production workflows, while still retaining the ability to go into depth with complex details when needed.

3. Shared Libraries

Shared libraries provide shared storage of image assets across all of a user’s PS mobile apps, and they make it easy to access, process, and share files both in and out of the app. On iPad and iPhone, shared libraries are also accessible through the Photos app.

With the renewed focus on 3D workflow, Adobe is introducing a new set of 3D features, powered by Adobe Sensei AI, at Photoshop. The new capabilities and features include Auto-Blend Facial Features, Curve Guides, Delete and Fill Tool, Stellar Sources and Share for Review.

Auto-Blend Facial Features detects faces and then automatically blends them into one.
When using Auto-Blend Facial Features, your facial features will blend together seamlessly and all of your facial details will be blended. The result is a more natural looking portrait.

2.0 Express Tools

Visionary artist Roger Ballen has released several outstanding Photoshop plugins. His website has many free and paid items, which will revolutionise the way you can create and/or retouch your own photos.

And as you’re looking at all of PS’s awesome features, it’s advised to take advantage of the online tutorials. They’ll teach you how to use a feature and even get you started and give you helpful tips along the way. You’ll find photo editing can be much more intuitive with online assistance in hand.

Now that you know how to use Photoshop on the web, you can save your website with little difficulty. There’s a generous range of templates available to help you get your website looking just how you want it. Being able to drag and drop content to your website is a huge benefit.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced at Adobe MAX – the world’s largest creativity conference – new innovations in Photoshop that make the world’s most advanced image editing application even smarter, more collaborative and easier to use across surfaces. Our goal at Adobe MAX 2019 was to announce not one, but two major updates to the iconic desktop app: the new Share for Review (beta) feature, and the release of Photoshop CC 2019 for Mac.

In the world of digital media and digital photography, we have entrusted our most treasured images to the Adobe family and are confident that Adobe has the right vision and strong leadership to continue to deliver the best possible tools for photographers and designers to tell their best stories, make their own art and be fully immersed in their own creativity. Find more information on these new products on the Photoshop blog at Photoshop blog .

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