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CopperLan Manager was created as a handy networking system for streaming and command that comes as a solution for interfacing and linking musical equipment and professional audio.
CopperLan Manager comes with an autosetup, remote editing as well as clear identification of devices. You can easily create USB peripherals by using an USB capable microcontroller.







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CopperLan Manager is a tool that provides a handy approach for networking and streaming your music systems. With CopperLan Manager you can sync different devices and also manage them in the most convenient way. With the user interface based on the GP2X framework and a software built on top of the GP2X that works with the existing GP2X hardware in a straight forward manner, CopperLan Manager offers a lot of useful features.

Use CopperLan Manager for syncing devices.
Enable automatic device detection by Bluetooth and also with Ethernet and USB ports.
Create your own remote control and command

Check out the user manual to read more about CopperLan Manager!

User Manual:
CopperLan Manager User Manual – English

CopperLan Manager User Manual – German

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Greek

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Hungarian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Italian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Japanese

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Korean

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Spanish

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Chinese

CopperLan Manager User Manual – French

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Russian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Arabic

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Portuguese

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Estonian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Czech

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Hebrew

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Turkish

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Polish

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Serbian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Norwegian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Latvian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Bulgarian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Romanian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Slovak

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Ukrainian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Lithuanian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Croatian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Slovenian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Filipino

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Indonesian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Malaysian

CopperLan Manager User Manual – Thai

CopperLan Manager User Manual –

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What’s New in the CopperLan Manager?

CopperLan Manager is an excellent networking software that was specifically designed for audio and musical device communications.


•Easy to use: The user-friendly interface has all the basic functions listed in a tabbed format. It is so easy to use that even a novice user can use it.

•Multi-language supported: The software is available in nine languages.

•Flexible: The software can be used for live performances. Coppersampler is powerful, versatile and powerful yet simple and easy to use.

•CopperLan Manager will suit and work on all devices. There are no restrictions based on the device capabilities.

•Patented technology: Our patent-pending technology ensures that all devices work as they should with no problems.


It works flawlessly with most of the general purpose digital audio and MIDI devices and it works as it should on most of the smaller hardware devices, including the USB microcontrollers.

There are three channels in the software, and there is no limit to the number of devices in the network. The various devices on the network can be addressed, and their files can be opened and played, and their performance and status can be viewed and monitored.

Simple commands such as Stop, Start, Change Source and Play can be addressed by entering the device’s name, or by performing the action on a particular device by its logical identifier.


Using CopperLan Manager is as easy as connecting the devices and pressing the buttons. CopperLan Manager comes with a user friendly screen to demonstrate the information and tell the users how the device is connected in the network. Users can read and write data, control parameters and assign identifiers to the devices.

Special Features:

•Gnuradio capable: The software can be used for live performances. Coppersampler is powered by GNRADIO. You can build a completely personal broadcasting system. It can create a personal network on the fly and be the live internet broadcasting station.

•Autosetup: CopperLan Manager comes with an autosetup, which will automatically connect your devices and create the USB connections.

•Remote editing: The software is remote editable, which allows for both local and remote edition. Local edition is what a person is doing to the device, and remote edition is what the computer is doing.

•Communication with audio/video devices: With its built-in remote protocol, CopperLan Manager can communicate with all devices.

•Very small and compact: This software is very small and compact, and requires very little space.

•Growable: The network can grow to accommodate more devices. CopperLan Manager is scalable and will expand to accommodate as many devices as you have. It’s the most powerful, easy to use network software that enables networking of audio!-Dual-Audio-Hindi-Download-((FREE))!!!TOP!!

System Requirements For CopperLan Manager:

• OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
• Processor: 2.0GHz Processor or greater
• RAM: 1GB or greater
• Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce 7800 or greater, ATI Radeon® X1600 or greater
• DirectX® 9.0c
• Internet Explorer® 7.0 or greater
• Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater
• Sound Card
• Video Card
• CD-ROM or

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