FS2004 – Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16 🔹

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FS2004 – Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16 🔹


FS2004 – Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16

More options. I’m having huge issue while simulating a flight. I’m trying to taxi on a runway at Tampa International.. Some videos are available at the forum : aeropuerto.. The hanger is located in Building 330 (Tampa International Airport).. The list of windows can be found in the readme.txt. The Lufthansa M.B.J. flight simulation.THE OFFICE WIRE

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McDonald’s Europe, Ireland spends €5m on digital transformation

McDonald’s Europe has launched a €5m digital transformation strategy aimed at creating a “digital hub” for the company.

In a briefing paper provided to shareholders ahead of its annual general meeting, McDonald’s said the new program will aim to drive greater efficiency in its core processes and services over the next five years.

The drive will be backed by an investment of €5m in IT services and equipment over the next five years.

McDonald’s said the move will build on the existing automation and process management systems that the company has already implemented.

In an effort to transform its IT services for business, McDonald’s said it would create a new HR structure to manage and implement the change across its 29,000-strong workforce.

According to the company, this would be delivered by “hundreds of small projects that are targeted and delivered at no more than €1,000,000 per year.”

A key focus of the program will be “conversion” of the company’s IT systems for greater efficiency, with McDonald’s saying the goal would be to achieve more than two percent cost reduction by 2020.

Another area of focus will be on “economy” with the company aiming to reduce its costs by around 50 percent over the next five years.

The push to achieve this will see the company trialing a range of new technologies, including cloud computing, mobility and AI.

To further support its work to drive greater operational efficiency, the company said it would also invest €2m in its global food safety team.

In the briefing paper, the company said it expects the new IT systems to pay for themselves by delivering savings of €5m.

McDonald’s said while its focus will remain on its core European and Irish businesses, it will also look to expand its global footprint.









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