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When a program freezes up on your computer and fails to respond, the first thing you probably think about is opening the Windows Task Manager to end its process. However, there are other third-party programs that can come to the rescue in such situations and one of them is suggestively and simply called Killer.
The Killer application is nothing more than a process manager just like Windows’ proprietary software. However, there is a plus to it, as detailed below.
End multiple tasks in a single operation 
There are programs that have a lot of sub-processes running alongside the parent process. When the main process freezes, you can kill the entire process tree, but only if the child processes are grouped under such a tree. Ending all the tasks one-by-one is not an option, especially if their number is high. That is where Killer comes in.
This particular application makes it possible to terminate multiple processes in one go. It uses checkboxes to allow the quick selection of the tasks you want it to end. With the click of a button, all the chosen processes are instantly terminated.
A task manager with an integrated search option 
Killer displays all the active processes in Windows in an organized table, much similar to that in the standard Task Manager. Alongside the process name, it reveals its PID, the CPU and the memory usage, in percentages.
While you can sort the processes in alphabetical order, by CPU or RAM usage, note that there is also a search bar at the top of the window, which enables you to look for a specific task.
Forget about terminating tasks one by one 
The Windows Task Manager only allows you to end processes one by one, which can be tiresome for tasks that have multiple child processes. Released under an open-source license, Killer solves this issue, allowing you to select the processes you need to end and send them the termination signal with the click of a button.









Killer 3.3.2 Crack+ Free Download X64 (2022)

• is a free software tool from Noorin Software, available under the GPL v2 license
• is not a new tool
• is integrated with Windows under the Accessibility dialog
• offers the same basic functionality as the standard Windows Task Manager
• is a fast and easy to use tool to end processes without having to close Windows

Editor’s Review

Wrapping it up
It’s recommended you download and test the free version. For a full review or feature list, please visit the download link.

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Rails 4 – find user that logged in with facebook if he also has an account

In my Rails 4 application, I have a page where users can log in with their accounts like Facebook or Google.
They can also login with Facebook, and this is stored in the database.
In the database, I have a user that only has a Facebook log in, and another one that has also an account.
From all of them, I want to display the name of the user that has an account, and another one that has a Facebook login.
How can I do it?
Thank you!


If you use devise, the has_secure_password method will do the trick.
You can check if current user is logged in or not with:
if current_user
# show the user name

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Killer 3.3.2 Crack 2022

Despite the fact that the recommendation is not to use an open-source software in the Windows ecosystem, this application is one of the finest on the market, as it permits you to terminate tasks with the click of a button. Much of its functionality is also delivered at an affordable price.
Killer could also come in handy if you want to terminate processes on the remote system.

Solution for Acronis Rescue Disk application

If you are using Acronis Rescue Disk to back up your data on your hard drive, then I strongly recommend this application. Though it is a bit pricey for most users, you get what you pay for and it has one of the best backup features. It works like a charm when you need to restore your data in the event of a PC crash.

There is an issue with using Acronis Rescue Disk with a USB connected hard drive when the hard drive does not have an OS installed. When you use Rescue Disk, it effectively mounts the device in a Virtual Machine (VMWare?) and there is no hardware to boot into. So, when you connect your USB, you will not be able to access it.
If you have an un-formatted hard drive, you will have to format it before you can install Acronis Rescue Disk. You can do this using third-party software, such as the ever popular Disk Management.
Once the hard drive is mounted, you can install Acronis Rescue Disk and do the backup of your data. That is the only problem I encountered with this solution.
I hope this Acronis Rescue Disk review will be helpful.

Logs and reports on any illicit activity

This is also a big benefit of using this third-party software. All information and logs about any activity on your PC are stored. You can access all the information in the reports anytime and use them to identify any problems on your PC.

Instant restore of PCs

Here is a bonus benefit of using Acronis Rescue Disk when you have to solve the problem of a crashed PC. The problem is, of course, that you do not have any OS installed on the hard drive, which can be tricky to fix, if you don’t know what you are doing. However, because this software has a bootable CD inside, you can instantly use it to repair any issue on the PC. If you are not familiar with Windows, you can use the steps that are written on the Acronis Rescue Disk and simply

Killer 3.3.2 [Updated]

The Killer application is an open source program that allows you to kill tasks or processes that are normally impossible to kill, simply by grouping them in a tree. It was designed specifically to manage processes, although it can work with services as well.
It allows for direct manipulation of running tasks, no matter where they are located on your computer. But, it is not just a replacement for the standard Task Manager, it is a process manager that has grown a unique set of features based on its huge number of users.
There is an extensive help section on its site which provides additional information about the program.


I use Anki for auto-tagging cards and more for things like this.

For example, I have several accounts. When I go to log in, I either have to manually pull up a passcode or write it down. I can auto-generate a passcode for one of these accounts.
I have several shortcuts on my desktop, some containing videos or streams. I can toggle the streams on and off in one shot by specifying which account to pull it from.
The “slow computer” card is one way to get even more granularity. You can trigger that by how long it takes to authenticate a data you’re trying to enter.


Taskkill should be able to handle that.
It’s a free program that is also available for Windows XP and Mac OS X.
Taskkill on Microsoft’s website.

Little Bobtail River

The Little Bobtail River () is a tributary of the Lytton River in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The river rises on the western slopes of the Daly Ranges in the Northern Territory Central Highlands and flows in a westerly direction to empty into the Lytton River near Mirriwinni.

Places in the catchment include Wilkerang, Wildbaai, the Daly River, Alyangula and Wilkerang.

See also

List of rivers of the Northern Territory


Category:Rivers of the Northern TerritoryMenu

Facebook Has Gone Public


Facebook has gone public. It’s been a long-brewing coming, but at last Facebook has reached an opening price of $38. This is after hours trading began at 3:30pm (Pacific) on September 24. Today’s price at the Nasdaq website is $38.19

What’s New in the?

Kill multiple processes at once

Search for processes

Sort by CPU or RAM usage

End processes with a simple click

View the processes you are about to terminate

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System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU, 2.4GHz
Memory: 1GB (4GB)
Graphics: 2GB (NVIDIA 7800GTX or equivalent)
DirectX®: Version 9.0c
Storage: 30GB available space
Other: Shader Model 3.0 or later
Additional Notes:
Periodically Save Files While Downloading
Please remember to periodically save the downloaded file to a location where you can access it easily (a flash drive, an external hard drive, etc.) so you

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