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stellar phoenix mac crack 5.3.2 full setup, stellar phoenix 6.3 keygenYes, the Sun may be old, but its solar activity has barely changed in the past thousand years, according to an analysis of new data obtained from the Solar Geophysical Data Analysis Center (SGDC).

The analysis of sunspot numbers published by the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) showed that, over the past thousand years, there has been no significant change in the long-term average of sunspot numbers. The finding contradicts earlier claims that there was an increase in the sunspot count from 1030, when the sun exploded into a supernova, to the 1350’s.

The findings, published in the online journal Solar Physics, also challenged widely-held views that the sun will experience a much larger solar magnetic cycle, expected to begin around the year 2014. So far, the sun has gone through 11 magnetic cycles, or “solar cycles”, since the first recorded cycle in 1610, a cycle expected to take place in 2013.

“All three of the sun’s principal magnetic cycles have lasted slightly longer than the 11 years predicted by some models, suggesting that the next cycle will not start during 2013, but during 2014, as the current cycle comes to an end,” said SGDC Executive Director, Dr. Jerome Elsner.

Every 11 years, the sun has waxed and waned in its emissions. More sun spots, or sunspots, are formed in the sun at the beginning of the solar cycle and fewer are formed at the end.

According to the analysis, the sun is currently in the middle of its 22nd solar cycle, making the sunspot count 14 and the sunspot number 17.3, about the same as it was at the beginning of the 11th cycle.

This means that over the past 1000 years there has been no long-term change in sunspot numbers, said SGDC spokesman Dr. Philip Scherrer.

“From our analysis we found that there has been no statistically significant increase in sunspot numbers over the past 1000 years, contradicting some studies published in the late 1990’s and the late 2000’s,” said Scherrer. “If there were large sunspot numbers in the past, we



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