Together Towards A Safer India Class 9 Free Download ##HOT##

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Together Towards A Safer India Class 9 Free Download

280. At the same time, we ask God to strengthen unity within the Church, a unity enriched by differences reconciled by the working of the Spirit. For in the one Spirit we were all baptized into one body (1 Cor 12:13), in which each member has his or her distinctive contribution to make. As Saint Augustine said, the ear sees through the eye, and the eye hears through the ear. [276] It is also urgent to continue to bear witness to the journey of encounter between the different Christian confessions. We cannot forget Christs desire that they may all be one (cf. Jn 17:21). Hearing his call, we recognize with sorrow that the process of globalization still lacks the prophetic and spiritual contribution of unity among Christians. This notwithstanding, even as we make this journey towards full communion, we already have the duty to offer common witness to the love of God for all people by working together in the service of humanity. [277]

Sharing common values also extends to other aspects of public policy. The last major survey in India dating back over a decade, the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) shows that nearly one in four Indian women give birth by age 20 and about one in five is below the age of 15, more than twice the number of 15 years or older. The same survey finds that 18% of women ages 15 to 49 were classified as ‘deserted by their husbands. 10 The survey also shows that the birth rate has declined since its peak in the 1960s, most notably among the poorer segments of society, and that one out of ten of the poorest urban households currently have no access to sanitation. Finally, the NFHS shows that an even larger share of the poorest segments of society are in need of immunization against life-threatening diseases.

The challenge before us today is not to convert the world, but to create an Indian identity that can flourish without standing in need of conversion. We must embrace globalisation, for it is an essential part of our development, but we must also embrace a multiplicity of cultures, for these are the foundations upon which we can build the new India. We can use it to create a more robust, inclusive society, where every citizen, religious community and community group gets to experience the richness of India’s diversity. This includes the important role of all kinds of Islam. Part of this awareness is to respect the rightful role of Islam in the Indian context. [125] The world is a safer place when the oceans of the world are made safer by a variety of cultures. Most importantly, this is the case because India will not be alone in facing the challenges of the twenty-first century, because India’s greatest strength lies in its plurality and the cultural diversity that makes it so special. We need to cultivate the capacity to take up what is unique about our situation and to find in it the tools to respond to the challenges that we face. We need to discover where we are, to make the most of our strengths, and to adapt to changing situations, because we can never be sure that we will experience the same conditions when we wake up tomorrow. All of this requires a spiritual quality, for we need to learn how to recognise the ideals that unify us, values that are all too easy to abandon as our circumstances change. [6]

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